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How to make own Domain email without Hosting

How to make free own Domain email without Hosting. Learn to craft a personalized domain email without hosting.

Owning a domain email is a fantastic way to establish a polished and professional image for your business or personal brand. It provides you with an email address that aligns seamlessly with your website or brand name, facilitating easier recall and recognition.

How to make own Domain email without Hosting

Traditionally, the process of setting up a domain email involved purchasing hosting services, which could be both costly and complex. Fortunately, there are now alternative options that allow you to secure your own domain email without the need for hosting.

One such solution involves leveraging third-party email service providers like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. These services empower you to create and manage a personalized domain email address while offering an array of features to enhance your email functionality. These features include spam filtering, robust security measures, and collaborative tools for improved productivity.

To utilize a third-party email service, you'll need to update your domain's MX records, redirecting them to the servers of the chosen email service provider. This straightforward process can be executed through your domain registrar or DNS provider.

Possessing your own domain email is a valuable asset for both businesses and personal brands alike. By opting for a third-party email service provider, you can establish a professional email address without the complexities of hosting, all while benefiting from advanced features that elevate your email experience.

Consider the distinction between a generic Gmail example ( and a customized domain email ( To create the latter, we can explore the services offered by, allowing us to craft a personalized email with our own domain name, and what's even better – it's free of charge.

Now Create Free Own Domain Email With


Following these steps will lead you to a display resembling the image below. Input your domain name into the left column and your Gmail email address into the right column. Then, click the "Create a free alias" button.

How to make own Domain email without Hosting

Upon completion of these steps, you'll receive an email from Improvmx. Simply click the provided link, and you'll be directed to a display resembling the image below. At this point, feel free to generate an alias name for your email.

How to make own Domain email without Hosting

DNS Management:

Kindly navigate to the domain dashboard where you initially acquired your domain. Access the DNS menu and proceed to establish a record as outlined below.

MX entries:

In order for ImprovMX to efficiently handle and forward your emails, the inclusion of MX records is imperative. These records essentially serve as directives for sending servers, indicating precisely where the email should be directed.

DNS Management Record Type MX
Type Hostname Priority Value
MX @ 10
MX @ 20

SPF records:

SPF records play a crucial role in specifying whether your domain grants permission for ImprovMX to send emails on your behalf.

DNS Management Record Type SPF
Type Hostname Recommended Value
TXT @ v=spf1 ~all
v=spf1 ~all

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