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HTML Encoder Tool Script

Updated on July 11, 2024
The HTML Encoder tool provides a user-friendly interface for encoding HTML code with style, simplicity, and convenient copy-to-clipboard functionality
NameHTML Encoder Tool Script
PublisherIt Is Unique Official
CategoryScript & Tool
Size1 KB
RequiresBlogger CMS
Download ServerGoogle Drive

To access a demonstration or view a live preview, simply click on the prominent button labeled "Demo" or "Live Preview" provided below.

Introducing the "HTML Encoder" tool: a simple solution designed to help you encode HTML code easily. It has a nice layout in a styled box, making it user-friendly. You can type your HTML code into a box marked with <textarea>. Clicking the "Encode" button starts the encoding process. The encoded result appears in another box that you can't edit, marked with <textarea>. There's also a "Copy" button that lets you copy the encoded HTML to your computer's clipboard. The design looks good with hover effects, and a small message shows when the encoding is successful. The tool uses clear HTML tags and special attributes to make it accessible. A link to in the style section might give more info about who made the tool. In short, the HTML Encoder tool is simple, useful, and easy to use.

Table of contents

Overview of the HTML Encoder Tool

  1. Title and Description:
    • The tool is named "HTML Encoder" and is used for encoding HTML code.
    • It features a visually appealing layout inside a container to ensure a pleasant user experience.
  2. Container Styling:
    • The tool has a centered alignment, defined maximum width, margin, padding, and a rounded border for a nice look.
  3. Input Section:
    • Users interact with a designated <textarea> (with the ID "html-input") where they can type their HTML code.
  4. Conversion Button:
    • The "Encode" button (ID: "convert-btn") starts the encoding process, making it easy for users.
  5. Output Section:
    • The encoded HTML output appears in a read-only <textarea> (class: "xml-output," ID: "xml-output"), ensuring it is clear and cannot be changed.
  6. Copy Button and Success Message:
    • A "Copy" button (class: "copy-xml-btn," ID: "copy-xml-btn") allows users to copy the encoded HTML to their clipboard easily.
    • A subtle success message (class: "alert-success," ID: "copy-success-msg") confirms when the copying process is successful.

Available Versions of Plus UI Blogger Template

Features of the HTML Encoder Tool:

  1. Encoding Functionality: The tool uses a JavaScript function called escapeXml to replace special characters (<, >, &, ', ") with HTML entities, ensuring safe encoding of HTML code.
  2. Copy to Clipboard: Users can easily copy the encoded HTML code to their clipboard using the copyToClipboard function, integrated for user convenience.
  3. Styling: The tool includes carefully designed styles for buttons, text areas, and success messages, creating a cohesive and responsive design.
  4. Subtle hover effects on buttons enhance the overall user experience.
  5. User Interaction: Users receive visual feedback through a success message when the copy operation is successfully completed.
  6. Accessibility: The tool is designed with semantic HTML elements and ARIA attributes to ensure it is accessible and usable for all users.
  7. Website Information: A comment in the style section links to the website It Is Unique Official, providing potential insights into the tool's source or authorship.
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The HTML Encoder tool makes it easy to encode HTML code with a clean and attractive design. It's designed for both beginners and experts, featuring an easy-to-use interface where you can input HTML in a text area. Just click the "Encode" button to start the encoding process smoothly. You can also copy the encoded HTML to your clipboard effortlessly with the "Copy" button, and you'll get a small message confirming it worked. The tool pays attention to details like style, hover effects, and making sure it's easy for everyone to use. Mentioning in the style section might give you more info about where it comes from. Overall, the HTML Encoder is a dependable, user-friendly tool for encoding HTML code.


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